Incantation for SEO Google Top 10

Open your website, stare at your logo and say Googafraba Goagal Gugle 3 times (as loud as possible). For  top 10 ranking you need to repeat 10 times. Wait couple of months to see the results.

If no results, don’t blame the incantation. The magic exists but you are not lucky. Contact me to reveal more powerful  spells or ask me to do the magic.

I do SEO since April 1997. I was lucky to get some results for my clients.

SEO and Google top 10 is about about luck, right ? 🙂

White Magic to increase sales by 10 – 50% in 2 weeks

Take a garlic and touch the admin section of your website while yelling “Begone all dark energy and all spirits unclean”. No results after couple of days ? Your site might be cursed.

I can identify demons from your online business very quickly. And teach you how to kill them. I do that since 1999. They are usually hidden in Sales Funnel, User Experience Design, Website Content Strategy, Advertising Tactics.

Sometimes just a tiny modification on your website could increase conversion rate by 5-10% overnight. Changes in your online marketing could increase sales by 10 – 50% in 2 weeks time.

conversion optimization

Magic Things for Your Online Sales.

What to expect ?
5 – 50% increase in sales / conversions. I guarantee certain performances for your online business. (more sales, better conversions, more customers)
How it works ?
I evaluate your online business. I came with a plan and a proposal to increase sales & conversions. I advice you what to ask your designer and marketing & content development team.
Who are you ?
I am Daniel Stanica, online marketing consultant  since 1997. With my 20+ years multidisciplinary experience, I can identify your online marketing problems very quickly and I can deliver solutions to solve them.
How much it costs ?
Nothing, if I don’t achieve the guarantee (certain performances we agree). Usually, you need 16 – 48 working hours of my consulting services to solve crucial problems of your business. The evaluation is free.

Daniel Stanica – Online Marketing  Magician. Since 1997.

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